Huge collection of high resolution photos

About Pixax offers exclusive, captivating pictures, Our site let you access wide range of pictures, which you can say, most amazing, you would love to see, finding truly enchanting pictures is never been easy as we did, with Pixax you can glance several marvelous photos.

Goal & Focus

Our goal is to provide amazing pictures in front of your eyes, you just need to stay glued to pixax, you can access freely to wide range of picture from adorable hidden places, enchanting lush green forest, vast captivating silent desert, sunny rice paddies, fresh fields, beautiful sun set, surprising sun rise, animal kingdom to gushing water.

The difference

You finally have chance to see the pictures you dreamed about, you can share your own artwork by utilizing our site, the beauty of your eye, how you see the things, believe us, world want to see, what you like, this time, make your own world with the lens of your camera, and just let all know you adore the beauty of Mother Nature.

Our motto: keep the shutter open of you camera

Happy picturing!!!


Comments on: "About Pixax" (1)

  1. Adam Harris said:

    Please can you tell me what the copyright status of these photos is? I want to use some in a presentation, are these all free to use for educational and research purposes? Thanks!

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